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NYHET! PowerDot 2.0 - nå med magnetiske fester

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New in PowerDot 2.0:
  • PowerFul & Pain-free

    Proprietary symmetrical biphasic waveform creates a powerful yet pain-free muscle contraction.

  • 3x Faster Setup

    Magnetic snaps allow you to get to stimulating your muscles 3x faster.

PowerDot is a unique, wearable personal training dev
ice designed to completely redefine your sports training experience.

Work out from your phone. 14 muscle groups. Boost strength and power. Improve endurance. Facilitate recovery. Redefine training experience. PowerDot is a solution for any active athlete who is looking for new ways to workout and recover their muscles
    PowerDot is compact and feather-light, which allows it to be worn for extended periods of time without any discomfort and be easily disguised under the clothes.

    No more boring user manuals! Use your mobile phone to initiate and control your workouts. With easy-to-follow instructions and safety advice, training recommendations and progress tracking.

    Designed for ultimate comfort: compact and lightweight. With minimal wiring, tactile and ergonomic buttons, and easy-to-detach, reusable electrode pads.

    Slim, lightweight design with minimal wiring. Easily attaches to your body for extended periods of time. Wear it under your clothes — and use it while at the office, the movies...just about anywhere!

    Multiple levels of safety, one-touch stop concept, intensity controls, loose & no electrode detection, interactive safety instructions.

    Comparable to high-end electrical muscle stimulators— only smaller and more budget-friendly!

    PowerDot comes with a host of preset programs for different workout needs aimed at athletes and sports enthusiasts of any level.

Everyday Programs
Everyday Programs are the perfect place to start your journey. Recovery is an essential part of helping your body perform at the highest level. These programs assist in the recovery process between activities. Use them on a regular basis to make your next performance the best one yet.

    1. Active Recovery
      Accelerate and improve muscle recovery after general workouts to keep muscles active. Use within 2 hours of workouts or competition.

    2. Light Recovery
      Low-frequency, non-fatiguing stimulation to help your muscles recover faster. Use within 2 hours of workouts or competition.

    3. Extended Recovery
      Get all the same benefits of Active Recovery, with a longer muscle simulation period. Use within 2 hours of workouts or competition.

    4. Massage
      Increase blood flow and circulation to decrease soreness, stiffness and everyday aches. Use anytime, anywhere, at your convenience.

    5. Warm Up
      Jump-start your workouts and help minimize injuries with a warm up that prepares your muscles to do more. Use it before any workout or competition.

Performance Programs
Supplement your workouts with performance enhancing programs. Think of the Performance Programs as key workouts that break down muscles in order to increase strength & endurance. Beginner users should start with 1-2 sessions per week.

    1. Muscle Endurance
      Improve muscle endurance and fatigue resistance, so you can train longer and push yourself further. Use it before endurance workouts, up to 5 times per week, per muscle group.

    2. Strength Endurance
      Boost your muscle’s ability to handle more intense training sessions for more powerful workouts. Use it before or after strength endurance workouts, up to 4 times per week, per muscle group.

    3. Strength
      Improve overall muscle strength and pair with training sessions that focus on pushing, pressing and pulling. Use between or after strength training workouts, up to 3 times per week, per muscle group.

    4. Resistance
      Enhance strength gains for movement, speed, and ground reaction force. Use between or after your workouts, up to 3 times per week, per muscle group.

    5. Explosive Strength
      Overcome performance plateaus and perfectly complement intense plyometric workouts. Use between or after strength training workouts, up to 3 times per week, per muscle group.

    6. Manual Settings
      Take control of the contraction length, rest time, ramp up/down, pulse length, and number of contractions.

Muscle stimulators have been scientifically proven to enhance sports performance. With PowerDot, you can give your muscles that extra boost to recov er faster and deliver better results for the same effort. PowerDot uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), cleverly mimicking what your brain does when it transmits nerve impulses to engage your muscles during a workout. PowerDot sends electrical impulses to your muscles through a pair of 'sticky' electrode pads which attach to various parts of your body.
  • 1 Independent Stimulation Channel
  • Bi-phasic square waveform (based on regulated voltage technology)
  • Peak voltage of 110V provided in small <1V increments (under 1k Ohm load)
  • FCC-approved Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy module
  • Supports Android 4.4+/iOS 7.0+ mobile devices
 PowerDot 2.0 in action:

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